Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are your rates?
A: That depends on the scope of your PR campaign. Some bands tour more than others, and some bands want more national coverage than others, which requires more time and energy. This is why we do not quote fees until after finding out what the clients’ needs are. We do monthly retainers, per-project retainers, and sometimes tour press on a per-show basis.

Q: Why is publicity so expensive?
A: That depends on what you are comparing it to. PR can be much more cost effective than running ads in print magazines or radio. PR is also very labor intensive and requires time, discipline, follow-up, and strong media relations. And its results can last a long time.

Q: Can you guarantee media coverage?
A: Well, no one can really do that. The difference between advertising and PR is that advertising is space you pay for, while PR is space that is free but at the publication’s discretion. They have to deem what you are pitching as newsworthy, and part of a publicist’s job is to try to convince them that your project is just that. And the one thing that Michael J. Media WILL guarantee is 110% effort.

Q: How do I know that I need a publicist?
A: When you are getting too big and/or too busy with your music career that you need to hire someone to do the little things to help you continue to grow as an artist. That, or when you either release a new album and/or have an extensive tour itinerary.

Q: Can you help me or my band get to the next level?
A: Absolutely. Or, like I said before, we will give our best effort to get you the coverage you need and deserve.

Q: Do you design press kits?
A: Yes and no. We are not graphic designers, but have people to outsource that to if necessary. The same goes for press releases and biographies—sometimes we do this in house, but generally we outsource to a professional writer in order to focus more on pitching for media coverage.

Q: Do you book shows?
A: No. A publicist and booking agent are completely different animals. A booking agency gets you shows and negotiates your fees for them, generally taking a percentage of what you make. A publicist promotes those shows by trying to get you newspaper coverage and radio interviews, and get your CD reviewed in local and national publications. That said, there are times when I am asked to help find support for nationally booked shows, or to suggest a band or artist for a promotional gig such as a TV appearance.

Q: Are you a manager?
A: No, though it might seem like a publicist does a lot of the things a manager does. Managers manage the artist on a day-to-day basis and are responsible for a lot, and publicists usually work in conjunction with them.

Q: How do we pay you?
A: All invoices are sent at the start of each month. MJM accepts payment by check, PayPal or Visa/Mastercard.

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We write and circulate press releases, service new album releases to media outlets, write or aid in writing bios, and send tour alerts. We also solicit features, interviews, calendar items and more to radio, TV and media contacts and provide detailed reporting to clients.

Retainers are available on a monthly basis by special arrangement. Email Mike for more information, questions about pricing, or for a quote on your specific needs.

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