National Press

Circulate press releases and news briefs to local, regional, online and national media.

For new album (or EP) releases, determine the individual contacts to pitch for coverage, based on the clients’ wish list, genre, background, and experience. Service releases (physical and digital) to national, regional, local and online media outlets (print and online magazines, entertainment weeklies and monthlies, newspapers, and blogs); and comprehensively pitch coverage for clients including reviews, interviews, premieres, and features.

Provide periodic reporting to clients, including links to coverage and important feedback; and develop press quote sheets based on press coverage.

Tour Press
Upon receiving a detailed itinerary from client for an upcoming tour, we will reach out to venues and promoters (preferably 2-3 months prior to a tour date) to establish contact, share information and ask for a media list if applicable.

Send tour alerts for each show to media contacts in corresponding touring markets. Pitch preview and review coverage in print and online publications; including features, interviews, previews, photos, critic’s picks, calendar items and reviews.

Pitch radio and TV for possible interviews, in studio performances, or airplay in advance of tour dates in corresponding markets.

Provide links to coverage as they are published, and send periodic reports to clients based on tour press results.

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Services Overview

We write and circulate press releases, service new album releases to media outlets, write or aid in writing bios, and send tour alerts. We also solicit features, interviews, calendar items and more to radio, TV and media contacts and provide detailed reporting to clients.

Retainers are available on a monthly basis by special arrangement. Email Mike for more information, questions about pricing, or for a quote on your specific needs.

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