Client Testimonials

"We’ve done business with The Michael J. Media group for about a decade now. It has been the hard work and dedication of Mike Farley that kept us working with them for so long. Mike has not only worked passionately at “spreading the word” about our band by creating new relationships for us, he has helped to maintain and bolster those relationships into a strong and loyal social media network. I can confidently say that we would not be where we are now without Mike Farley’s involvement. Truth be told, he performs like he’s part of our company, not just someone hired by our company. Because of how closely he works with us, we often forget that he has other clients! Well done, Mike! Here’s to many more years of us working together!"—Greg Rahm and Scott Terry, Red Wanting Blue

"Mike Farley is one of the best, and we were lucky to find him. He is super team-oriented and always willing to help. Over the years, his experience and contacts have helped our publicity department maintain a high level of tour press coverage, and his PR knowledge has been invaluable. Mike is smart, has great instincts, works hard, and delivers results. We can't ask for much more!"—Mike Wilpizeski, Concord Music Group

"As an independent artist who has a hard time marketing himself or even speaking coherently about himself, I can honestly say that Michael J. Media has brought attention and opportunities to me and my career that I would have had no chance at before I had their help. Mike's a supportive and encouraging guy and I've been very grateful to have his help."—Charlie Parr

“If you want someone to present your music to the world with integrity, grace, and the tenacity of a Fox terrier, Mike Farley is the one person who fits that description. I am consistently impressed with his professionalism, passion, & ability to get things done."—David Mayfield

"Michael is an integral part of our team. We were so happy after our last record release campaign that we have kept him on indefinitely and he manages to get us attention and press when we have no business even requesting it. I would recommend Michael J. Media to any artist new or old, big or small."—Jason Walsmith, The Nadas

"Michael J Media has opened doors for me. They've taken a PR relationship to another level in that they take me and music to places that most companies would not, from major news and TV institutions to bloggers in important places like Nashville and other music-loving towns in the US that can really make a difference in making a name for an album or artist. They're professional, efficient and great to work with and I've gotten more than my money's worth using their services over the past several years."—Jeff Campbell

"Mike is a pleasure to work with. Badfish is approaching ten years of working with Michael J. Media Group and it's been a great experience. He's on point and a great guy, to boot! We're looking forward to many more years of success with his help!"—Scott Begin and Joel Hanks, Badfish

"How do I explain the incredible comfortable we have when working with Mike, at Michael J Media! He is the PUBLICIST that does what he says he will do, and sends communication to everyone involved in that project. It is truly peaceful working with someone who does their job and does it with no drama, and with a POSITIVE nature! He makes our job easier, isn't that why we're all here!! Thank you so much Mike Farley for being a true professional and being yourself."—Mary Matthews, New Frontier Touring

"Mike Farley and Michael J Media do a thorough and professional job publicizing my tour dates and CD releases. He knows just who to get the music to, so I get coverage and promotion. The campaign is organized and well thought out. Communication is quick, efficient and to the point---which is important in the digital age, the era of the independent artist. I like it so much I go to Michael J Media for all my publicity needs."—Will Kimbrough

“As an indie artist, I had worked with publicists in the past who had taken money while I did the lion's share of my own promoting. Working with Mike at Michael J. Media changed all of that. In the short time we've worked together, I've received reviews in several prominent publications, as well as a feature article and a TV appearance. Mike is deeply committed, incredibly hard-working, and is chock full of creative and excellent ideas, while always being immediately available for any questions or needs you may have. I couldn't recommend Michael J. Media more highly.”—Anya Singleton, artist

“Michael J. Media has been a tremendous asset for our touring artists. They have secured consistent mentions, features and photos in all markets we perform.” —Rick Alter, Rick Alter Management (Firefall, Poco, Pure Prairie League, Chris Knight)

"Mike Farley is a rare find in this industry--not only because he is highly effective in his business, but because he's a terrific guy! I'm planning on a long-term relationship with Michael J. Media."—Jenn Franklin, artist

“Our band has worked with quite a few publicists over the years and I can emphatically say that Mike can hold his own with the big firms and in some cases, do an even better job. He is on top of everything and always gets back to right you right away. The personal touch cannot be beat. He even goes out of his way to offer our band opportunities outside promotion alone and I truly feel he cares for and understands what we do as a band. Over the past few months, he has continued to expand his reach and I look forward to working with him for years to come, no matter how big (or small) we end up.”—Seth and Breaking Laces

"Mike Farley continually exceeds the media expectations for my clients. I am ecstatic with the results he achieves, and the dedication that he shows. He is a well-connected individual, and my clients have enjoyed many opportunities and solid industry exposure as a result of his work. Mike does not miss a detail and I can always count on him to represent the interests of my clients at the highest professional level."—Samantha Hanson, Intrigue Entertainment

“Mike Farley has helped us throughout our career. As an independent artist, we toured the country on our own and Mike helped us build our fan base, one show at a time. Throughout our shopping process Mike got our music in the hands of all the right people. And now he's helping set up our major label debut.”—Tim Convy, Ludo

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We write and circulate press releases, service new album releases to media outlets, write or aid in writing bios, and send tour alerts. We also solicit features, interviews, calendar items and more to radio, TV and media contacts and provide detailed reporting to clients.

Retainers are available on a monthly basis by special arrangement. Email Mike for more information, questions about pricing, or for a quote on your specific needs.

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